Hank Williams is “Top Music Icon” in Alabama

Hank Williams In a poll conducted by The Birmingham News in Alabama where over 31,000 ballots were cast in six total rounds since March 5th, Hank Williams was named Alabama’s “Top Music Icon” by the people.

I first learned about this contest from the General of European Operations Restless in Amsterdam. Unfortunately I heard about it too late to cast a vote, let alone get a ballot stuffing/gerrymandering campaign going. But of course ol’ Hank didn’t need any of that stuff, even with heavy hitters like Nat King Cole and The Temptations in the mix.

Hank Williams Poll

Though the Grand Ole Opry refuses to honor the legacy of Hank Williams, his home state does what it can to make up for it.

In other Reinstate Hank news, I have now put a permanent page up on SavingCountryMusic.com where you can see ALL the Reinstate Hank videos made by Hank Williams fans.

Also, one of the prizes for the video contest I’m running that everyone that submits a video is entered in is the Southern documentary Seven Signs. Recently I wrote a review for this great film, and you can read it on Outlaw Magazine.com by scrolling down a bit and clicking on the “Movies” tab.

If you are planning to submit a video let me know and I will keep the contest open, but if I don’t hear from anyone I’m going to close the contest faze. Of course you can still submit a video afterwords. (Check my previous blogs for more info on the contest).

Good job Hank. Dead for over 50 years, and STILL leaving any challengers in the dust.

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