Hank Williams Jr. Is Not Daddy Warbucks Part 2

Now before I get started, let me just say the intention with this blog IS NOT TO START DRAMA OR CONTROVERSY! All I am trying to do is get the CORRECT information out there. Also, this blog is a part 2. If you have not read part 1, I recommend you do so because there is a lot of good stuff there and I’m not going to rehash all the information. To read part one CLICK HERE

The reason I wrote part 1 was to clear up this misconceptions that Hank Jr. was in some way or any way supporting Hank III, or that the reason Hank III doesn’t care about the money is because he’s got a big inheritance coming to him. The reason I decided to write a part 2 is because some new information has come to light, and I also have discovered some old information I want to get out there.


We already know that stuff has been less that civil between Hank Williams III and Hank Jr. for years. Some of it has to do with the Opry performance I talked about in part 1, but most has to do with this:

So What Has Changed?

FIRST, I found THIS ARTICLE which explains EVERYTHING IN SHELTON’S OWN WORDS! Apparently there was a big controversy where people actually thought the Kid Rock was Hank Jr’s son, which would’ve made Hank III KID ROCK’S BROTHER! Check it:

“Kid Rock brought this on himself man. I’ve met him, back when he hit with that big song, and he came in, like “You know, I’m the next Elvis.” I’m like “Whatever dude, the Beastie Boys have been around a lot longer than you have.” I first immediately saw that OK, this guys an asshole, and I can see why him and my dad get along pretty good.

“And then when we came back through Detroit, and he kept trying to come on the bus, you know, him and Pam Anderson, and all that shit, and I said, “Tell that motherfucker I got nothing to say to him,” and then he finally get his way back in there and tells me how I need to be treating my father, and I’m like, “All right, you crossed the line motherfucker.” And I don’t know how many times I have to say it: No, he’s not my fucking brother . . . “

But still this is all past news.

What’s new is that in the new Kawasaki videos , Hank Jr. and Hank III are hanging out, being chummy, and if I dare say, looking like they are enjoying each other’s company. That’s great, but on October 21st Hank III will release an album with a song on it talking negatively about his dad. I don’t know what song or what he says, but I know that it exists.

So what does all this mean? I really have no idea. What I can say is that Hank III’s song might have been recorded a long as two years ago. Hank III’s and Hank Jr.’s relationship might have changed significantly since then. Hank Jr. just got divorced. Hank III’s been through all kinds of crazy stuff.

But I hope this means that the two have patched things up. Life’s too short, and though I think what Hank Jr. did with Kid Rock is reproachful, I still have respect for the man and some of his music, and I’d hope he could see the error in his ways and change, maybe even ask Shelton for forgiveness. And if he does or did, Shelton should give it to him, because really all this bullshit has to do with Kid Puke.

That bastard needs to keep his nose busy snorting cocaine off of Pamela Anderson’s fake breasts, and out of Hank Hank & Hank business.

Hey Kidd Puke, “Mind Your Own Business,” Track 5 of Hank Williams 40 Greatest Hits. Maybe you should give it a listen before you try to pass yourself off as a Hank, you wifebeater-wearing, fedora topped, greasy headed motherfucker.

***Other notes from the Hank Jr., Kid Rock story:

–There are a lot of supporters of freehank3.org from Detroit, and a lot of artists I support, like Rachel Brooke, Junk, and Tim Pop. I was born and raised in Texas, but I spent some time living in Flint, just north of Detroit, and I will vouch for the people from up there being true, hard working, red-blooded people that deserve respect. The reason Hank III was calling Kid Rock a “Yankee” with a negative connotation is because Kid Rock was calling himself “Rebel Son.” No Kid Rock is not from the south, and that was what Hank III was talking about. I say be proud of where you’re from, because there ain’t nothing you can do about it.

–Hank III referred to the Beastie Boys when talking about Kid Rock. I’m glad he did that because believe it or not, the Beastie Boys, rappers or not, went through the same damn thing Hank III is going through right now, fighting a label that wanted to make them a ‘product.’ And a lot of what the Beastie Boys did in public and in court fighting their label laid positive ground that will help Hank III get free of Curb Records and will allow Hank III to be successful in the future. But that’s a whole other blog.

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