Hank3 Debuts New Songs in Nashville

Fans of Hank Williams III who’ve been waiting patiently for new music post his contentious, 14-year relationship with Curb Records are now able to get a glimpse of the new material via a series of show’s he’s been playing in Nashville. The youngest Hank, now going by “Hank3” as opposed to the Curb-era “Hank III” played a surprise show at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn on Lower Broadway in Nashville on Wednesday night (7-6-11), and then Friday night played a show at The Exit/In.

Video from the show can be seen below, and as more becomes available from this show and his show next Friday night at the Exit/In, it will be posted here. Word is Hank3 debuted around 10 new songs. He also featured his new heavy metal project Attention Deficit Domination, or ADD. Huge thanks goes out to Cathy’s Reinstate Hank Bandwagon and the others for getting the footage for those of us who could not be there.

Hank3 has a whopping 4 albums coming out September 6th.

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