Hank3 to Release New Album “Brothers of the 4X4”

hank-3Just announced through Hank Williams III’s website, the grandson of Hank Williams and the son of Hank Jr.’s next album will be called Brothers of the 4X4. The album will contain 16 tracks, and be released on Hank3’s own record label distributed by Megaforce Records. The release will also be accompanied by a “hellbilly/punk” album called A Fiendish Threat that will include 13 tracks. No word on a release date or supporting tour dates as of yet, but the master tapes for both albums have been turned into the distribution company.

In early March, Hank3 release this statement:

I’m workin as hard as I can and as fast as I can to finish two records up. Right now I’m 25 songs deep in writin’ while playin’ guitar, singin’, doin’ my own drum tracks, then recording the other players. After that comes mixin’ it, master’n it, the artwork…Once all that is done it’ll be turned in. One is a country record…I’m not really sayin’ anything about the other record…As it looks right now, hopefully we can be on the road by May…

Hank Williams III has been on extended touring hiatus after his drummer Shawn “McNasty” Williams had surgery to repair a rotator cuff, reattach his bicep tendon, and remove bone spurs. In January McWilliams said, “The green light was real close” in regards to his physical therapy regiment and recovery. “This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through,” McWilliams said, “I can not wait to start playing.”

Please check back as a release date, cover art, track list, and more information becomes available.