Hasil Adkins & The Legend of the One Man Band

For those of you that haven’t seen this yet, there is a new documentary coming out in the Fall of 2008 on the great HASIL ADKINS with commentary from Hank III and Joe Buck. To see the movie’s MySpace page click here, and thanks to CuzN Wildweed for working his ass off trying to spread the word about this.

Here’s the movie trailer:

We owe the legend of the one man band to the great Hasil Adkins. He was the predecessor to the great Joe Buck and Scott H. Biram, and was also one of the artists that made Boone County, West Virginia one of the ‘Must Stops’ on the underground music highway.

My favorite modern one man band is the unstoppable BLOODSHOT BILL

Check this shit out:

Alright, now go watch that again, and notice how he saves his mic stand from falling down toward the end, and at the very end unzipps his crotch and it gets fuzzed out by the very sensitive Canadian television. Its priceless.

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