Hear New Cody Jinks Tune “Chase That Song” Ahead of New Album

Photo: Greg Giannukos

You’ll be hard pressed to find another country album for the rest of 2016 as heavily anticipated by fans in the know as Cody Jinks’ I’m Not The Devil. Due out August 12th, the reigning Saving Country Music Song of the Year winner feels poised for a breakout with this one, and the snippets released from the record so far have folks salivating for the whole thing.

Not for the faint of heart, I’m Not The Devil is a hard country affair, full of inspiration from Cody’s musical heroes such as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Merle Haggard. But if only in theme, there’s a bit of influence from Cody’s heavy metal past as well, with dark and heavy hues acting as threads running through each song, and binding the album together through the shared narrative of the Apocalypse.

cody-jinks-im-not-the-devil“It’s a pretty scary time,” Jinks says. “There are some evil people running things in the world.” And just like all great artists from the past, Cody Jinks mirrors the mood of his time through his music.

Ahead of the release of I’m Not The Devil, Jinks has made the title track available, and now has made another selection from the album available called “Chase That Song.”

“‘Chase That Song’ was the first tune I wrote for the new album,” says Jinks. “I took it out on the road and played it live for awhile before recording it. Only fitting that the song took that path since it is about being in a band that doesn’t slow down. We come in like an 18 wheeler and fuck shit up with no brakes.” 

Speaking of being out on the road and not slowing down, Cody Jinks will be out on the road starting August 5th with regular touring buddy Whitey Morgan for a 25-date stint, carrying Cody through the release of I’m Not The Devil.

True country music is not dead, it’s just been hiding in the hearts of artists like Cody Jinks, waiting to be unleashed, and waiting to regain its rightful place through a wave of country resurgence spearheaded by Jinks and other independent-minded artists.

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