Hellbound Glory Announces New Album, “Nobody Knows You”

Before the collective country music population was losing their minds over independent country revolutionaries such as Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childers, and Zach Bryan, it was Leroy Virgil of Hellbound Glory that was reading the mainstream their rights, and releasing one insanely good country song after another out of Reno, Nevada.

2008’s Scumbag Country and 2010’s Old Highs and New Lows still hold up as underground country standards, and if you want something with a bit more rock edge, check out the Shooter Jennings-produced Pinball from 2017 that launched the viral hit “Hellbound Blues,” or 2020’s Pure Scum. Now the pair is back for the new album The Immortal Hellbound Glory: Nobody Knows You to be released on September 30th via BCR Media, as well as a new song called “Can’t Wait to Never See You Again” (listen below).

The new song features Leroy Virgil’s always incisive writing, though enveloped in a more traditional country approach this time, with fiddle finding its place high in the mix, and a burst of harmonies embellishing the chorus. Perhaps the new album will be a little bit more sedated and rootsy than the last two. Saving Country Music has also received a whiff of another song from the album called “Evacuation Song,” which is about the destruction of the California town of Paradise in 2018 where 86 people died, and takes a more folk-like acoustic approach.

“The album weaves in and out of classic Leroy Virgil country, and dabbles in blues and folk — including standards and new cuts from Virgil,”
BCR Media touts, so maybe we get a bit more of what we heard on Leroy’s more stripped down album Streets of Aberdeen on the new album, we’ll just have to see.

Though players have come and gone from the Hellbound Glory camp over the years, Leroy Virgil has remained the constant, trying at times to launch solo careers, or to release albums under other names such as the eXcavators. But Virgil has always come back to the Hellbound Glory name, which despite it’s continued underground status, is nothing less than legendary in certain circles.

The Immortal Hellbound Glory: Nobody Knows You is now available for pre-order.


  1. Reeling Down
  2. 13 Corners
  3. Can’t Wait to Never See You Again
  4. Word Gets Around
  5. Nobody Knows You
  6. Evacuation Song
  7. My Woman’s Whiskey Kiss
  8. Wednesday’s Women
  9. Didn’t Die Young (Ain’t Done Trying)
  10. Trouble in Mind 
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