Hellbound Glory Heads East

Hellbound GloryEver since I got my dirty little hands on a copy of Old High and New Lows I’ve been an outright whore for Reno’s Hellbound Glory, but prefaced my enthusiasm by say they need to make it back east. Well now Leroy Virgil and the boys have called my bluff, and built up enough of a head of steam to hopscotch the Rockies a cruise all the way to South Carolina. Hot damn!

Come August 20th they’ll be heading out and won’t stop till they hit the coast. On their way they’ll hook up with some other great acts, including Six Gun Britt and Last False Hope in Chi Town, The Flat Tires in North Carolina, and Aran Buzzas in Montana.

Recently Hellbound has been enjoying some good strong mainstream press and exposure, including a favorable review from my favorite country writer Juli Thanki. And CM Wilcox recently debuted a new song “Malt Liquor”. Hey I thought Hellbound Glory was supposed to be our little scumbag secret? But I tell you what, if this small success keeps Leroy & Co. in beer and hot dogs, that means the music can keep flowing uninterrupted by day labor and dead end jobs, so I’m all for it!

You can find these dates, and ALL important concert dates where? All together class, “At savingcountrymusic.com/calendar.”

Hellbound Glory 2010 Tour

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