Hilarious Craigslist Ad Seeks Major Label Talent in Nashville

Whether the author is some major label lackey with a rabid lack of self-awareness, or some huckster looking to lampoon the current state of country music, an ad posted on the Nashville subset of Craigslist has been causing a stir and putting people in stitches after being posted Tuesday night (3-24). Professing to be a major label looking for a new star, the ad hits on nearly all the bullet points of what is bad about modern mainstream country music.

“Major Nashville Record Label seeks Male Recording Artist aged 21-27. Not interested in female acts,” the ad starts out, and is just savvy enough throughout to be somewhat believable. “Be at least 5’8 tall, have straight white teeth and at least rudimentary knowledge of basic guitar chords. Preferable if you’re new to town, haven’t played out very much and aren’t working with a Manager. Want to work with clean slate. Have every song needed for first album on hold.”

The track list is pretty hilarious too, citing “Hank It Up” and “Damn Girl (The Thigh Gap Song)” as some of the cuts on hold.

What’s even more fun to ponder is the suckers who will respond to such a thing thinking it’s legit, and how they could be screwed with once they do. But what makes the whole ruse so excellent, just like with all good humor, is how much based in truth it is. Unless of course, it’s real.


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