IBWIP is Back w/ A Bitter Harvest

Rachel Brooke Lonesome Wyatt A Bitter Harvest Today is the release date of my most anticipated album of the year, A Bitter Harvest, which is a collaboration between Lonesome Wyatt of Those Poor Bastards and Rachel Brooke. And your outlets for independent/Outlaw country news and interviews are all over this release like a bad rash.

First, Jashie P of Outlaw Radio will have the singular talent of Rachel Brooke on his show THIS TUESDAY NIGHT (7-7-09) at 9 PM Central, broadcast live on punkand beansradio.com. And if you miss it you can go to savingcountrymusic.com’s Outlaw Radio Page where all Outlaw Radio episodes are archived.

Then on July 24th, the miscreants of It Burns When I Pee are BACK, with both Rachel Brooke and Lonesome Wyatt as guests!

It Burns When I Pee BitterWhere did IBWIP go you ask? Wherever they damn please; no nervous bladders in that crew. They were gone for a few months, but they’ve busted out of rehab, posted bail, whatever. The most important thing is they are back, and they have been soliciting fan feedback and doing some soul searching to make the new IBWIP even better than the old one.

There will also be a live taping of that IBWIP episode on July 16th, where fans can watch and chat in the chat room. See their website for more details.

And of course as soon as I get my pre-ordered copy of A Bitter Harvest I will be dissecting it and offering up a review of the album right here.

Rachel and Lonesome Wyatt are also planning a tour for sometime in October in support of the album.

Also if you want to see a track list, preview the tracks, and get more info on the album, click here.

You can also order the album by going to thosepoorbastards.com, or by clicking here.

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