In Hank Jr. We Trust

So first off, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sometimes the BEST information in these blogs comes in the comment section, supplied by YOU, my loyal and much appreciated readers.

My LAST BLOG was no exception. So if you didn’t read through the comments, ESP. IF YOU LIVE IN OR NEAR MUSIC CITY, maybe you should do that. Because maybe you would find some information there interesting. Information that it is probably good if it is not out there for all the masses to see for various reasons. Or maybe you won’t find anything there interesting. Who knows.

In Hank Jr. We Trust

I know, I know. I’m supposed to hate Hank Jr. because he teamed up with Kid Rock, but dammit, I like his old stuff, and I’m not afraid to say it. Hank Jr.’s been on my mind lately. Every time I hear about this ‘economic crisis,’ I keep thinking of one of my favorite songs by him, and what I think is one of his signature songs:

“Got a shotgun, rifle, and a 4WD, and a country boy can survive.”

Doesn’t get any more true than that.

I think the earlier you get in Jr’s career the better his stuff gets, maybe before Curb Records beat the creativity out of him. Another thing about Hank Jr. I think a lot of people don’t realize is that he’s a hell of a guitar player. When he first got into music, when Audrey was still trying to keep him out, Waylon was Jr.’s role model. Waylon played his own lead parts, so Jr. wanted to also.

In this second video is of one of my favorite Jr. songs, ‘Living Proof,’ a kind of old school George Jones style song. And the second song really highlights his ability with lead guitar, even though they turn him down during the solo, because I guess you can’t ‘scream’ in country. Check it, circa 1978:

Did you catch that lyric in ‘Living Proof?’

“Don’t let my son never touch no guitar.
May he never play the blues.
Let him be free, don’t make him be,
Living proof.