IV & the Strange Band Announce Shooter-Produced Album “Hang Dog”

A fourth generation performer sprouting from the Hank Williams Family Tree has officially presented himself with Hank Williams III’s son Coleman Williams and his band IV and The Strange Band. They’ve become a big part of the underground country scene over the last few years.

The band’s debut album Southern Circus was released in 2022 via the record label of Shooter Jennings, Black Country Rock. Now a new album called Hang Dog will be released on November 17th, and this time Shooter Jennings will produce it as well.

“The album ‘Hang Dog’ as a whole is a concept record about giving love to the moments and people that help us get through the hard parts of life,” says Coleman Williams. “I also touch on the moments where existence can really test us and how asking for help isn’t a crime.”

Ahead of the new album, Williams has released the title track, which still includes the “strangeness” with which he approaches roots music that comes from his punk and Gothic influences. But the song also shows growth, maturity, and a more grounded sound and approach compared to his early stuff. We’re witnessing Coleman Williams wrestle with what his father and grandfather wrestled with in their careers: honoring the roots of the family name while also finding their own lane.

Williams originally didn’t want to pursue music and he struggled through life in his 20s. But similar to his father who is a famous dog owner and pet advocate, Coleman had a dog named Piper that helped him along through a tumultuous time.

“Through all the detours in life where we take the plunge, if we just hold on maybe we can find happiness in the hard times,” says Coleman Williams. “Having a ‘Hang Dog’ expression doesn’t mean you are sad about life, it just isn’t easy all the time. Those rough times really build character.”

The new album also includes as song inspired by Western Swing called “If The Creek Don’t Rise,” along with a country-tinged cover of the song “Sailin’ On” from the hardcore punk band Bad Brains that was released in September. This speaks to the sonic diversity that works its way into the IV and The Strange Band sound.

Hang Dog is now available for pre-order/pre-save.


1.Hang Dog
2. Fray the Line
3. If The Creek Don’t Rise
4. Today
5. The Bleed
6. Neskowin Ranger
7. I.O.U.
8. Diddle
9. Septic
10. Sailin’ On

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