Izzy Cox “Comes Clean” About Hank III Tour

In June of 2010, Hank III set out on his first Canadian tour in years, and ended the run playing a string of shows from Washington State back home to Nashville. Opening for Hank III on that stink was the self-proclaimed “steampunk crooner” (before Sugarland stole the “steampunk” bit) Izzy Cox, but unfortunately Izzy didn’t make it very far. A weird, disjointed story about Izzy being slipped drugs and being kicked off the tour surfaced, with Izzy posting this message to her fans via Facebook:

as a independent record label owner, and essientially a one-woman band i did not have enough resources to continue opening up for Hank III / Assjack , I could not afford to have help, a driver, a team, i have no buffer or friends that could protect me in any compacity, and in turn was open to weird things, i believe in my heart someone slipped me some pychotics… twice… but since i’am all alone well, no one believes me or would of believed me. thats it! thats all ! Sorry! this indeed is the saddest thing in my life and also i am barred and banned from any hank III / assjack shows indefinately !

Bad blood developed between Izzy Cox and some Hank III fans, and rumors have abounded about the incident that not only cost Izzy the opening gig, but also likely influenced Hank III deciding to have no more openers on tour. Though one might assume that Izzy would be bitter for being kicked off the tour, and possibly slipped something, when I saw her at the Bloodshot Records showcase on Friday of 2010’s South by Southwest in Austin, she had a much different story.

If it wasn’t for Hank III kicking me off that tour, I wouldn’t be here. He saved my life. I would have never gotten diagnosed as manic depressive and I would have never gotten help if it wasn’t for being kicked off that tour.

I spent 35 years of my life using drugs and being drunk. I didn’t know I was manic depressive. I didn’t tell people I was seeing things, hearing things. I’ve been a huge fan of Hank III for 15 years. Being on the Hank III tour was the biggest opportunity on my life. I thought I was smoking weed with some local kids, but it was speed. I’ve haven’t drank or used drugs in 9 months, it will interact with my medication. I have lost a lot of friends in Austin because I won’t drink or take drugs.

I have done a lot of damage in the world. It’s hard being a certain way for years and now saying, “I’m Sorry”.

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