Jason Eady Releasing Extended Version of “I Travel On” Album

photo: Scott Morgan

In 2018, Jason Eady’s latest album I Travel On ended up at or near the top of the heap for many when it came to their favorite albums, and it was nominated for Saving Country Music’s 2018 Album of the Year. If the 11 songs of the original record left you craving more, you’re in luck. Jason Eady is planning on releasing an extended version of the album on June 28th.

“When we were in the studio recording the “I Travel On” album we had such a good time that we recorded an extra 5 songs (3 covers, an unreleased original, and an electric version of “That’s Alright”) and played some of the outros for minutes after what you hear on the released version of the album,” Eady explains. “We will be releasing the Deluxe Edition of ‘I Travel On’ that includes everything we did in the studio including the new songs and extended versions.”

Released originally on August 10th, 2018, I Travel On took a different approach compared to Jason Eady’s previous records. Instead of recording with session musicians, Eady went into the the studio with his road band, and brought in well-respected bluegrass players Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley to add some extra gas to the sessions. Songs were recorded in a single take, which resulted in the lively recordings that helped make I Travel On so infectious. Eady’s wife Courtney Patton also appears on the record.

Jason Eady also took a different approach to writing the record, composing most the material in a single month. As Saving Country Music said in its original review, “It’s a Jason Eady album with some badass instrumentation to go along with his established and beloved sound, with incredible music runs embellishing the songs, and adding new textures to Eady’s storytelling experience. Still even with a fuel-injected bluegrass kick behind great songs, the music of Jason Eady will never be for everyone. It’s too damn good for the masses.”

Along with the extra and extended tracks, Jason Eady will also be pressing a limited edition amount of 200 double LP versions of the re-release that are now available for pre-order.

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