Move Over Steve Goodman, Jason Isbell Pens “The Saddest Song Ever”


Most of Americana songwriter Jason Isbell’s songs tend to be on the severe and depressing side, but it’s good to know he can show a sense of humor about it. Fans hoping for new music from Isbell post his Grammy-winning Something More Than Free effort got their wish today (sort of) when Late Show host Stephen Colbert debuted an infomercial for a fictitious, “180-minute, four chord song” upcoming from Isbell called “The Saddest Song Ever.”

“In my new song we cover such diverse tragic country topics as unemployment, the troops, reliable trucks gone done breakin’ down, the devil’s brown liquor, and the no-good bankerman knocking on the door with papers,” Isbell says in the fictitious infomercial. “My new 180-minute four chord song also covers new cartoonishly tragic down home scenarios that my fellow singer songwriters are much too cowardly to tackle.”

Colbert released the video Tuesday (3-8) through his Twitter page, and it also showed up on YouTube through the Late Show‘s official channel. Perhaps it’s something Isbell recorded when he played the Late Show on the 25th of February, but for whatever reason they decided not to broadcast it, possibly because the general public may not know that many of Jason’s songs are about “breakups, addiction, fatal diseases,” and it’s sort of an inside joke, or maybe producers though Isbell could loosen up a bit.

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Either way, it shows a different side to Jason Isbell we rarely see, and once again shows that Stephen Colbert has taken up supporting roots artists where David Letterman left off.

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