Jayke Orvis Now With The Goddamn Gallows

Jayke OrvisJashie P of Outlaw Radio (who has Scott H. Biram as a guest for the show TONIGHT 7/28 !!) helped me confirm a few days ago that Jayke Orvis, founding and former member of .357 String Band, has now landed with the psychobilly outfit The Goddamn Gallows.

I was happy to hear this, because when the news went down that Jayke Orvis had been tossed from the .357 String Band (which you can read about HERE), I was afraid one hell of a mandolin player might drift out of sight. It also gives me an excuse to talk about The Goddamn Gallows, an excuse which I have yet to be afforded heretofore.

This moves fits perfectly in my music brain for both Jayke and The Gallows. Jayke fits more in the Gallows mold than the .357. It feels weird to say this, but in the last couple of years, while the .357 has seemed to veer ever so slightly to a more roots-like style, Jayke has kept his more punk/goth look and influence which was more evident in the .357 at their inception. Jayke just looks like a Goddamn Gallows member. And if I was to describe The Goddamn Gallows sound, I would start of by saying, “Take the stage energy of the .357 String Band . . .”

The Goddamn Gallows will be on tour starting in August in support of their new album, Ghost of th’ Rails, check the myspace link above for dates. They also have another album out called Gutterbillyblues.

The Goddamn Gallows are worth checking out, and adding Jayke to the lineup can only improve their stock.

The Goddamn Gallows

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