Jeff Hoag Replacing Retiring Eddie Stubbs at WSM

Long-time and well-beloved DJ Eddie Stubbs at “The Legend” 650 AM WSM in Nashville shocked many when he recently announced his retirement from the station after 25 years of service. The voice of this generation’s love for country music on the radio for a quarter century, the 58-year-old Stubbs announced he was stepping away to spend more time enjoying life where there is still life to live.

The Stubbs departure left many open questions about who would replace him in the evening weeknight slot, and if it would even be filled by country music since format changes and show cancellations have been a regular occurrence at WSM lately. But luckily, the evening slot from 7 p.m. to midnight will endure, with current WSM DJ Jeff Hoag filling in for the Eddie Stubbs vacancy permanently from henceforth. Hoag had been manning the spot regularly for Eddie whenever he was absent, and after Stubbs hosted his final show on Wednesday, July 29th. Hoag officially takes over the spot Monday, August 3rd.

“My dream in life was to work for WSM Radio and keep the tradition of classic country music alive,” says Hoag. “The fact that I get to live my dream and carry out this mission is gratifying beyond words. Thank you for the opportunity to do what I love and to spread the glorious gospel of country music across the world.”

Similar to Eddie Stubbs, Hoag is a musician and a songwriter as well, and is respected as a country music historian. Though not as seasoned as Stubbs as he leaves, Hoag has the passion to fill those big shoes in the years to come. Similar to Stubbs, Hoag regularly works as an announcer at the Grand Ole Opry, which is broadcast by WSM. Though WSM does not have nearly the audience of many of Nashville’s mainstream stations, the historical significance of the station as one of the primary catalysts for making country music a popular American genre makes it significant.

“WSM at Night is exactly where Jeff belongs,” WSM Director of Content and Programming J. Patrick Tinnell says. “I along with the rest of his radio family, can’t wait to see how he develops his own live nightly show, while keeping a long-standing tradition of classic country at night on WSM. I know our audience will be as proud of Jeff as I am.”

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