Jesco White on the Squidbillies

Jesco WhiteSo apparently something happened with Michael Jackson yesterday. His penis exploded or something, I don’t know. I tried to think of something to write about it, but since Michael Jackson has just about as much to do with country music as pop country radio does, instead I think I’ll talk about a stoner cartoon about hillbilly squids and a wild-assed tap dancing Outlaw freak.

There are so few outlets for insurgent country, we have to cherish every one we got, and one of them is Cartoon Network’s Squidbillies. Not only is the main character’s voice done by the greatness of Unknown Hinson, the theme song was done by Outlaw legend Billy Joe Shaver, and a recent episode featured David Allan Coe.

Well earlier this week, The Dancing Outlaw Jesco White was in Atlanta, to do Squidbilly voiceover work.

Jesco White SquidbilliesJesco White Squidbillies

Apparently Jesco’s character is going to be “Ga Ga Pee Pop,” (hehe) Early’s (Unknown Hinson) estranged father who was just released from prison. Jesco’s sister and manager Mamie White might also have a short part in the episode.

No info just yet when the Jesco episode might air, and there is also no new information about when we will all get to see the new White Documentary The Wild And Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. I said a while back that I might have a review of the movie coming up, but long story short, when Jesco got arrested, everything got weird, but I hope to be able to see the movie soon.

Thanks to Tiffani for info on this story.

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