Jimmie Allen Accused of Delaying Legal Process in Rape Cases

Being accused of rape and sexual assault by two separate women is a bad enough situation. But when your own lawyers are saying that you’re “unable to comply with the terms” of your engagement with them, it looks even worse as you try to convince the public you are innocent. It’s the latest public blunder by country artist Jimmie Allen who’s quickly losing faith with any final remaining defenders.

Jimmie Allen should be considered innocent until proven guilty like anyone. But in recent court filings revealed by The Tennessean, the musical chairs he’s been playing with counsel looks like an attempt to stall turning over crucial pieces of evidence in the two civil cases filed against him, along with slowing down the entire legal process.

The two plaintiffs in the cases both have the same lawyer, Chicago-based attorney Elizabeth Fegan. Fegan is known for bringing sexual assault and harassment cases. When she first approached Allen about the accusations, he was represented by Deborah Adams from the Nashville law firm Frost Brown Todd. Then shortly after the lawsuits were filed, Jimmie Allen retained Andrew Brettler of the Hollywood law firm Berk Brettler. Then by July of 2023, a third set of lawyers had been brought on board, Jonathan Cole and Katelyn Dwyer of Nashville law firm Baker Donelson.

Now that third set of lawyers say they can no longer represent Jimmie Allen in the case, and Allen says he doesn’t want them to. The court previously set a December 29th deadline for Jimmie Allen to turn over electronic evidence as part of the discovery process—specifically the contents of two cell phones that are believed to have evidence of the interactions between Allen and the two alleged victims. But that evidence has not been turned over.

On December 21st, Allen’s lawyers Jonathan Cole and Katelyn Dwyer filed a motion to withdraw as Jimmie Allen’s counsel. It was also at this time they said that a vendor had the contents of Jimmie Allen’s phones in an electronic file, but they didn’t intend to turn those contents over. The plaintiffs attorney Elizabeth Fegan says that Allen has “failed to produce the most basic information sought in discovery.”

Allen is also countersuing the two alleged victims, but it is uncertain who will bring those countersuits forward. Elizabeth Fegan is fighting Jimmie Allen’s effort to retain what would now be a fourth set of lawyers, claiming it is a stall tactic and an effort to keep the plaintiffs from collecting crucial pieces of evidence. However, Fegan has allowed attorney Jonathan Cole and Katelyn Dwyer to withdraw from representing Allen in the lawsuit from the second accuser.

Trials for the two lawsuits against Jimmy Allen are currently set to transpire in November 2024 and March 2025, if a settlement isn’t agreed to before, and if Allen doesn’t successfully stall the process.

Meanwhile, the delays by Allen have resulted in a fresh round of headlines about the incident. If Jimmie Allen is innocent, why isn’t he in a rush to clear his name? Allen’s PR representative Dria Baum says that the country singer, “decided it was best for his case to bring in new legal counsel at the top of the year.”

Meanwhile the electronic records from Jimmie Allen’s cell phones sit in a file that the plaintiffs cannot access, and the previously lawyers, Jonathan Cole and Katelyn Dwyer, do not intend to turn it over before leaving the case.

On May 11th, 2023, Jimmie Allen’s former day-to-day manger filed suit in Tennessee and accused the singer of scores of incidents where she was allegedly raped and sexually assaulted over multiple months, including during trips to prominent television appearances and other events. This included one incident where she woke up naked in a hotel room in severe pain, bleeding vaginally, and not being able to recall anything from the previous evening. Jimmie Allen was beside her in bed, and insisting she take a morning after pill. The victim says this is how she lost her virginity.

Further incidents were also chronicled in a detailed article in Variety, including an incident where the alleged victim sought medical treatment at a hospital, and says Jimmie Allen took video and nude photos of her to coerce her silence, and to use as blackmail against her. For Jimmie Allen’s part, he acknowledged a sexual relationship with the victim, but claims it was consensual. Allen was married at the time, but announced his separation from his wife shortly before the allegations came to light.

Then on June 9th, 2023, a second lawsuit was brought against Allen by another alleged victim claiming battery, assault, and invasion of privacy. The second victim claimed that she met Jimmie Allen on a flight. Afterwards, Allen’s bodyguard followed her into the airport and told her that Allen wanted her phone number, which she provided. After months of calls and text messages, they agreed to meet in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in July of 2022. She voluntarily met Allen in the bedroom, but allegedly told him she was not on birth control and repeatedly said she did not want him to ejaculate inside of her.

According to the alleged victim, Jimmie Allen said he wanted to get her pregnant, and ultimately did ejaculate inside of her despite her requests. Distressed by the incident, the alleged victim became desperate to get a separate hotel room and to find a morning after pill. As she was gathering her belongings to leave the room, she discovered a cell phone set up in a closet focused on the bed and recording their interaction. While Jimmie Allen was passed out, Jane Doe 2 took the phone with her, booked a new flight to her home in Sacramento, California, and gave the phone over to the local police when she arrived.

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