Joe Rogan Admits It’s Him on Sturgill Simpson’s ‘Sound & Fury’

Many had their suspicions since Sturgill Simpson released his dystopian rock album Sound & Fury in 2019, but on the July 6th episode (#1679) of of the wildly-popular Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan himself fessed up: it is indeed him who can be heard on the radio spouting conspiracy theories in the opening of the first song “Ronin.”

While speaking with one of the first ever podcasters and former MTV personality Adam Curry, the topic of the always-controversial Alex Jones of Infowars came up. Joe did a quick impression of Alex Jones, saying, “Inter-dimensional child molesters, and they’re coming through your window in the middle of the night!” which had Adam Curry rolling.

After Curry compliments Rogan on his impersonation, Joe replies, “I actually play Alex Jones in Sturgill Simpson’s album. Sturgill Simpson and his most recent album, the opening segment the guy gets in the car, and he’s spinning through the radio dial, trying to find something to listen to, and there’s Alex Jones ranting and raving about the Illuminati, and that’s me.”

So yes, it is Joe Rogan impersonating Alex Jones who can be heard saying, “Ladies and gentlemen there is a overwhelming body of evidence that supports a conspiracy with a…”

For those that don’t know, Joe Rogan and Sturgill Simpson are friends, and Simpson first appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Episode #780 in April of 2016. The appearance is given credit for helping to popularize Sturgill’s 2014 album Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. Simpson also appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast in March of 2018, and again in 2019.

If you’re curious, the relevant portion can be heard at the 57-minute mark of the Joe Rogan Experience, Episode #1679 available on Spotify.

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