Joe Rogan Gives Ringing Endorsement to Tyler Childers

If you tracked the rapid and uncanny ascent of Tyler Childers producer Sturgill Simpson, then you know that podcaster, comedian, and public personality Joe Rogan played a critical role in the explosion of interest in Sturgill’s album Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, and ultimately in his Grammy-winning career. With a podcast that receives more views and listens than most cable news network shows, Rogan is an influencer of the highest order.

Now Joe Rogan is singing the praises of Tyler Childers. In a recent Instagram post, Joe Rogan said, “This Tyler Childers album is fucking great. I’ve had it on a loop for the last few hours,” with a picture of Tyler’s 2017 album Purgatory as the image. It’s interesting to note that along with Tyler’s new album Country Squire going #1 in country this week, his previous record Purgatory also received a sizable boost, re-emerging on the charts at #32, garnering nearly 4 million new streams, along with selling over 1,000 new physical copies.

The next question is if Joe Rogan will step up and have Tyler Childers on the podcast proper, just as he has Sturgill Simpson three times, along with Chris Stapleton, Wheeler Walker Jr., and Shooter Jennings. But exposure is one thing. Releasing music that resonates is another. When Joe Rogan endorsed Sturgill, it was the country music America and the world was looking for, but was not being pushed by mainstream radio. Tyler Childers has that same resonance, where as soon as someone hears it, they connect with it, country fan or otherwise.

The Joe Rogan endorsement is just another example of how Tyler Childers is following in the footsteps of Sturgill Simpson’s ascent. We’ll just have to see if the subsequent opportunities like Saturday Night Live appearances and Grammy Awards follow. Just like Sturgill, the upside potential for Tyler Childers is enormous because he’s an unknown quantity to most … at least at the moment.

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