John Prine’s Last Recorded Song “I Remember Everything”

The gaping hole left in our hearts where a living John Prine once dwelled will not heal easily or anytime soon. But one of the saving graces of losing one of your musical heroes is that you will always have their music to remember them fondly by, and console you when the weight becomes too heavy.

John Prine passed away due to COVID-19 on April 7th at the age of 73, leaving behind an incredible legacy of songs that will outlast all of our lifetimes in the influence they inspire, and the ears they entertain. But we haven’t quite heard the last of the ol’ singing mailman just yet.

Ahead of a recent virtual tribute called Picture Show: A Tribute Celebrating John Prine (available through Sunday, June 14th) where many performers and famous friends of John Prine reflected on his life and passing, his widow Fiona Whelan Prine revealed that John been working on a new record right before he died.

John Prine fans can expect new songs from the songwriter in the future, but last things first, the very final song John Prine ever recorded called “I Remember Everything” has been released via Prine’s label Oh By Records, along with video of Prine performing and recording the song.

Written with longtime collaborator Pat McLaughlin and produced by Dave Cobb, whether it was meant to be just an acoustic performance originally or more was to be added later on in the process, the way it turned out works as the perfect epitaph to a historic career.

The delicate sweetness, and poetic weight that accompanied John Prine songs for over 50 years is all evident in “I Remember Everything,” and what a way to punctuate how the most important thing in life is our memories right as Prine’s story was coming to a close. John Prine left us with more wisdom and warm memories than most, and “I Remember Everything” adds to that legacy.

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