Kaitlin Butts Unveils New Song and Epic Album “Roadrunner!”

Kaitlin Butts has never been one to shy away from a little drama in her music. In fact, intrigue and murder have been recurring themes in her catalog. All the more reason for the Oklahoma native to lean into that theatrical side of her music for her third official album inspired by the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma! It’s called Roadrunner! and it’s set for release on June 28th.

“Every summer when I was a kid my parents would take me to see a performance of ‘Oklahoma!’ at a local amphitheater, and I’ve felt such a strong connection to it my entire life,” says Butts. “It’s a love story but there’s also a murder and a little bit of an acid-trippy feel to it at times; it’s set in the same place where I come from. Once I got the idea for this album I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before, and it turned into something that completely encompasses who I am and what I love.”

If you loved her last album what else can she do (2022) but the seven songs left you wanting even more, don’t worry, Roadrunner! will include a total 17 tracks. It’s an epic, conceptualized work produced by Oran Thornton, with contributions from steel-guitar/multi-instrumentalist Russ Pahl. Vince Gill and Cleto Cordero also pop in for a featured spots, and co-writers include Angaleena Presley, Natalie Hemby, and Courtney Patton.

Kaitlin has done nothing but continued to create buzz and momentum around her career behind quality songs and strong performances. This gives Roadrunner! the opportunity to really put her over the top. “Making this album showed me that little ideas can grow and take on a life on their own, and it’s so exciting to know that sticking with my vision can lead to something bigger than I ever even imagined,” she says.

The album draws directly from Rodgers and Hammerstein in a couple of moments, and also includes a cover of Kesha’s “Hunt You Down” that Kaitlin released a couple of months ago and has already been creating social media buzz. Now Kaitlin has released the album’s title track (listen below), which fans have been hearing live for a while now.

Roadrunner! is an album of music, but Butts wants to create a strong visual and interactive component to it, which we’ve already seen from the early songs and videos, including the title track inspired by the touring life.

“The version of me depicted in the video is much closer to what I’m like onstage, where there’s real emotion and truth but also humor and a tendency to poke fun. It’s all those different versions of me at once. In making this music video, I wanted to show the highs and lows and chaotic lifestyle that I love so much.”

Roadrunner! is now available for pre-save and pre-order.

Track List:

1. Overture: My New Life Starts Today (Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II)
2. Roadrunner (Kaitlin Butts)
3. Other Girls (Kaitlin Butts, Natalie Hemby)
4. Wild Juanita’s Cactus Juice (Kaitlin Butts)
5. Soliloquy: Out Of My Dreams
6. Come Rest Your Head (On My Pillow) feat. Vince Gill (Kaitlin Butts)
7. People Will Say We’re In Love feat. Cleto Cordero (Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II)
8. Buckaroo (Kaitlin Butts)
9. That’ll Never Be Me (Kaitlin Butts, Angaleena Presley)
10. Spur (Kaitlin Butts, Megan James)
11. If I Can’t Have You (Kaitlin Butts)
12. Bang, Bang (Poor Jud Is Dead) (Sonny Bono)
13. You Ain’t Gotta Die (To Be Dead To Me) (Kaitlin Butts, Natalie Hemby)
14. Like I Should (Kaitlin Butts)
15. Hunt You Down (Kesha Serbert, Richard Nowels)
16. Followed You To Vegas (Kaitlin Butts)
17. Elsa (Kaitlin Butts, Courtney Patton, Jimmie Davis)

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