Legendary Shack Shakers Ready New Record “After You’ve Gone”

photo: Ritch Capriotti
photo: Ritch Capriotti

The crazy and wild-eyed Col. JD Wilkes and his backup band of wily misfits known as the Legendary Shack Shakers will be returning with their 9th studio album called After You’ve Gone on August 25th, being released on Last Chance Records. One of the primordial and most formidable bands of underground country and roots who wrought their way forward on Lower Broadway in Nashville in the mid 90’s when it was nothing more than a gaggle of abandoned buildings hiding the ghosts of country music’s past, they went on to release records for Bloodshot and Yep Roc among others, and more than earned their “Legendary” moniker over the band’s 22-year existence.

Their decidedly lo-fi sound mixes the influences of the deep and derelict blues with the fearful prayers of primitive Appalachian country and mountain music, and they boast arguably the best and most boisterous frontmen to ever suck air in the incomparable JD Wilkes. Over the past few years JD has dabbled in other projects beyond the Shack Shakers, including the much more sedated Dirt Daubers. But the demons roiling under his skin and behind is eyes can only stay caged for so long, and at some point the Colonel is inspired to come out and play.

After You’ve Gone delivers 13 songs, including the title track that has just been released to the public. JD Wilkes told Pop Matters about the song that it “describes the melancholy doldrums that set in after a break-up or divorce…the soul-crushing boredom and loneliness that I’m sure we can all relate to. If you can’t relate, then I’m not sure if I can trust you as a person.”

After You’re Gone Track List:

  1. legendary-shack-shakers-after-youre-goneCurse of the Cajun Queen
  2. War Whoop (Chief Paduke’s Revenge)
  3. After You’ve Gone
  4. Single Boy
  5. (Sing A) Worried Song
  6. Long Legs
  7. Garden Of Delights
  8. Frankenstein’s Mother
  9. Branding Iron
  10. Get Outta My Brain
  11. Silent Key
  12. White Devil (The Curse That Worked)
  13. Invisible Hand
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