Let Curb Records Hear It !!!

This is a way you can let Curb Records know that you want them to free Hank III.

Go to their myspace site at www.myspace.com/curbrecordspr, request them as a friend, and as soon as they accept your friend request, leave a comment telling them you want to Free Hank III. Then leave another one. If you want to put images, you can even steal the Free Hank III images I’ve made or any of the content off my site, I don’t care. If they stop allowing HTML, the just put ’Free Hank III.’ You can also send them messages, saying you want to Free Hank III.

However, DO NOT put any swear words like ’Fuck Curb’ or any lewd images. I’m not telling you this because I have any love for those fuckers, it’s that they can use this against you and potentially get you kicked off of MySpace. So be smart and we might be able to get their attention.

Even if they start blocking users, or even if they make it where every comment has to be approved and they censor out comments, they’ll get the message.

So buck up and do this shit for Hank III.

Another way you can help is by letting your friends know about this MySpace site, and tell them to add it. You could also put me in your ’Top Friends’ even if for a day or two or a week or two, just to help spread the word.

I’ve done very few friend requests myself, and most of those people were bands. Almost all the friends I have were people that requested me, and that’s the way I want to keep it. Sure I could spam everyone’s friends list like the whore bots who are trying to sell their virtual twat online, but i want to know that all my ’friends’ are real deal, hardcore Hank III fans, and not just a bunch of bastards that added me just because I sent them a request.

So be a trooper and do this shit for Hank III.

Horns Up Hellbillies!

Over and out from the Free Hank III headquarters.


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