Let’s Reinstate Hank in 2009

I would guarantee right now that Hank Williams will be reinstated into the Grand Ole Opry in 2009, but I’ve learned over time not to underestimate the colossal stupidity under which the money men who have hijacked the Mother Church operate. What I can guarantee you is that in 2009, Reinstate Hank is going to be taken from a small underground movement, to a full blown Public Relations nightmare for the Opry’s current operators, Gaylord Entertainment.

Hank III will be on tour with the petition book in tow, signatures will be filling up the sheets, banners are popping up all over the place, and a documentary is on the way. The word is spreading across people from all walks of life, all over the country and the world, and more and more the Opry is going to be pressured to “do the right thing.”

Judd Films has a good blog about a new article on the Reinstate Hank movement, and a great story about how they are trying to memorialize the studio in Cincinnati, Ohio where Hank recorded “Lovesick Blues” and other songs.


“If dear old Hank were alive today
what the hell would he have to say?

Of course we’ll just never know
but don’t his music tell us so?

He was just an imperfect man
with powers that be an elitist clan.

They said he drank a might too much
and wasn’t good enough for their bunch.

What disabled man won’t self-medicate
when there’s so much pain to alleviate?

The pain you’ll hear in his songs
he had to live it all the day long.

They appointed themselves as moral judge
and on his name placed a smudge.

Yet they still cash in on his name
to increase their own fortune and fame.

Bottom line, their disapproval don’t rate,
because his fans have set them straight.

The fans have spoken and are judging them
who once decided to condemn.

With the Grand Old Opry, or without
Hank Williams Sr without a doubt

was crowned THE legend by his fans
in spite of the Opry’s grand old plans.

Send a message loud and clear
for all the country music world to hear

It’s time to own up to their terrible blunder
when they turned their backs on country’s boy wonder.

I believe we can live with the scar
so long as you honor our brightest star.

Give Hank now the honor he rightly deserved
and forever make sure it is properly observed.”

by Dee Ayala of the Texas TwoSteppers Songwriters

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