Listen to New Shooter Jennings Single “Wake Up”

Shooter JenningsAs I reported back on Nov. 21st, Shooter Jennings will be releasing his new album Black Ribbons on March 3rd. The first single “Wake Up” will be released on December 22nd, but you can listen to it now through the link below.


It has also been revealed that the album will be released by Rocket Science Ventures and that there will be a “special guest” on the album. Here is the blurb about the album from Rocket Science Ventures:

““Black Ribbons” features the debut of Shooter’s new band Hierophant, who inspired him to leave his country roots behind and embrace a ‘60s/’70s psychadelic Rock vibe. The album also features a surprise special guest who helps layer the project’s conspiracy theory vibe. “Black Ribbons” is set for release March 3rd via Rocket Science Ventures.”

Shooter Jennings Hierophant

Editor’s Note:Some of you might be wondering why I keep covering this story. I’m not sure that I have a good answer for you, except that I feel like the information needs to get out there, and nobody else is doing that. Regardless of what you think about the music, part of what Shooter is saying in this album is that the media controlling and collusive. I happen to agree with that, and that is one of the reasons I started, to cover music nobody else was. . . .at least, country music that nobody else was. But Shooter fans have a right to know about an artist they love as well. Don’t worry, my focus will always be country music.

As for a few Shooter fans that have been saying that the lovable, huggable Triggerman has been printing “lies” about Shooter in these articles, all I can say is I’m getting my info straight from the horses mouth. I appreciate you defending an artist you believe in, but if you honestly think I would print lies to forward some agenda, you’ve missed the whole point of this website, and you should probably move along. I always try to separate opinion from facts, and because of the divisive nature of this situation, I have done so even more, reserving my opinions entirely, save for discussing the matter with readers in the comments section.

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