Listen to Samples of DRRP! (+ more stuff)

First off, everyone should go and check out Cathy’s Blog about how you can print off an official copy of the Reinstate Hank petition to sign. Thanks to Johnny Wright Jr. for doing a lot of the work on this, and also Blake Judd & Keith Neltner. I’m gonna get that on as soon as I get a chance.

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Listen to Damn Right, Rebel Proud + Hank III’s Comments.

If you want to listen to listen to some samples of DRRP, you can go to Tower Records, scroll down a bit, and check ’em out.


Some of you are going ape shit over this comment off of Hank III’s personal site:

“ANd il tell ya the way it is Damn Right and Rebel Proud aint Shit Compared to Straight To Hell!”

But I’ll tell you, this is the wisdom and truth of Shelton, if there ever was a shining example.

First off, of course DRRP is no Straight to Hell. That album was a masterpiece, a mad opus, and it changed the face of country music forever, even though country music hasn’t woken up to that fact yet. Nothing can measure up against a masterpiece, that’s why it’s a masterpiece.

I fought my ass off, we all fought our asses off to get DRRP released, and the whole time I knew it was going to have to dwell in STH’s shadow. But that’s DRRP’s biggest problem, that it’s not Straight to Hell, but that’s where the problems stop. Hank III is not Hank Jr. or Sr., he is Shelton Hank Williams III, and he should be judged on his own merits, and so should Damn Right, Rebel Proud.

You don’t have to like every song on the album, you just have to understand its place. And ironically, just like STH, DRRP is not going to have that ‘fresh’ feeling when you first listen to it, because a lot of the songs you’ve already heard live or on YouTubes. This is Curb’s fault.

I’ve written a FAIR, HONEST review of DRRP that I will share soon, and there are some criticisms in there, but overall it’s a great album with good songs.

I commend Shelton for saying what he’s saying, because he understands. But moreover, what other major label country artist is going to come out and say that their stuff that is about to come out is not better than their older material? See, this is why we love Shelton. Because he’s real. This authenticity, and lack of concern about the business end of the thing is why he’s got the most loyal fan base in modern music.

If Damn Right, Rebel Proud had come out first, IT would’ve been the album to change country music forever.

When I get my copy of Damn Right, Rebel Proud I’m going to listen to that bad boy until I run it into the ground. And then I’ll wait for his next album, and hope that he changes country music all over again, because we all know that’s what Shelton Hank Williams III is capable of doing. And if it doesn’t, I’ll listen to it anyway.

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