Listen to The Trishas’ Jamie Lin Wilson’s “Here Tonight” Ahead of New Album

Photo: Modern Trade
Photo: Modern Trade

What makes the queen bees of the Texas country power quartet The Trishas so special is that if you separate the four ladies out individually, they all still have enough magnanimous sway to amass an impressive listening audience by themselves, and songwriter Jamie Lin Wilson is a perfect example of that. Remaining restless and hungry through a hiatus in The Trishas, Wilson is set to release a new album Holidays & Wedding Rings on May 19th.

jamie-lin-wilson-holidays-and-wedding-ringsSpeaking to just the type of respect Jamie Lin has curried from her musical peers over the past 15 years of her career, the list of contributors and co-writers on Holidays & Wedding Rings is nothing short of daunting. Jason Eady, Adam Hood, Dani Flowers, Mike Messick, and Owen Temple are some of the songwriters who can be found in the track list, the latter of which who co-wrote one of the most notable tracks on the record with Jamie Lin, “Here Tonight.”

“Owen is such a great co-writer, in that you can always trust him with personal song ideas,” says Jamie Lin Wilson. “In this case, I had an idea to write from the point of view of someone who knows they’re about to die. My aunt passed away the day after the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination. I was on my way to Houston after I heard that they put her on hospice, and I was listening to the radio. All this news – cold front, Kennedy – I was imagining the TV being on in her hospital room, knowing that my entire family was there trying to keep things light, while really the mood was so heavy. My daughter, Maggie, kind of favors her and there’s a nod to that in there as well. It’s heavy in the way that it’s trying to keep it light. Let’s not talk about what’s happening, let’s make small talk instead.

Five of the other compositions on Holidays & Wedding Rings were written by Jamie Lin herself, speaking to the personal nature of the new record. It follows her 2010 EP Dirty Blonde Hair and the Trishas’ 2012 release High, Wide & Handsome. The new album is produced by John Ross Silva and Kevin Szymanski, and was recorded at 12th Street Sound in Austin.

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