Listen to Uncle Lucius’ “Gulf Coast Gypsies” Ahead of New Album “The Light”


Austin-based road warriors Uncle Lucius are getting ready to release their fourth album The Light on June 9th through Thirty Tigers, and Saving Country Music has an exclusive track for you to listen to early called “Gulf Coast Gypsies.” Produced by George Reiff at Austin’s Treefort Studios, the new album includes songwriting contributions from all of Uncle Lucius’ four members, and a couple from one of the band’s previous members.

“This is actually one of two songs written by our former bass player, Mr. Hal Vorpahl,” says singer Kevin Galloway. “He was in the band up to two years ago. He just doesn’t want to be on the road anymore, but still writes songs. “Gulf Coast Gypsy” is about … well we’ve been on the road quite a bit over the past six years or so. It’s kind of like we live there. And we love the gulf coast. I was born just south of Houston, and this is about traveling from Houston to New Orleans like we’ve done many times.”

lucle-lucius-the-lightKevin Galloway says The Light is a big step forward for the band.

“We think it’s our best album to date. Our last album was on a label. We were able to walk away from the label, and we did this on our own. The whole album in itself is about the journey—maybe about being on the road specifically, or the journey to the inside of yourself. Maybe the deeper journey, asking the bigger questions. We’re all in our 30’s and been around this a while. We’re just asking about the deeper questions in life in general.”

Earlier this week, a 233-page Austin Music Census study was released highlighting many of the struggles the “Live Music Capital of the World” and many of its musicians are facing amidst rapid growth in the city. Asked for his perspective, Kevin Galloway says,

“I moved here to Austin almost 14 years ago, and started the band about 10 years ago. And we started in Austin. We started playing for free to nobody. And we’ve come up here. You know you’re not going to make much money in Austin because it’s such a saturated market, but Austin itself has changed so much in these last 10 years. The landscape has changed, especially with all the condos going up and this whole sound ordinance ordeal. The police are out with decibel readers. It’s tough, but I also see a positive in it, in that there’s much more of an audience here now. You can still work your way up. There are a lot of negatives, but I like to see the silver lining that I would rather live in a city that’s alive and open to creativity.”

The Light is available for pre-order through iTunes.

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