Logan Ledger Takes You Down “River of Fools” in New Song

It was only just early April when Logan Ledger’s long awaited self-titled debut album from Rounder Records finally saw the light of day after an extended wait and a couple of delays, and here unexpectedly the songwriter and Country & Western crooner drops a (semi) new song on us unexpectedly, and boy is it a doozy.

Originally part of an Amazon Original series tied to his producer T Bone Burnett, the new song “River of Fools” fulfills the promise many country fans felt when they first heard Logan Ledger sing, mesmerized by his classic sense of style and capabilities. Combining a little wacka-do Roger Miller-style vocal noodling, curious and entertaining phrasing with unexpected turns, and writing that fits the whimsical nature of the composition, “River of Fools” is rendered quite enjoyable.

“‘The River of Fools’ is a little tune I composed about a mystical stream running through the darker corners of my imagination—full of vultures, crocodiles, riverboat gamblers, and things meaner still,”
Logan Ledger says. “There have been times when I’ve found myself swept away in its current, yet I’ve always managed to find a way out of the murk. I pity the poor creature that falls prey to that mean ole River of Fools. In any case, it’s an awfully fun song to sing.”

Though Ledger’s debut album received favorable reviews, a few dyed-in-the-wool country fans were a little frustrated they didn’t get the full-fledged retro country record they were hoping for. The remarkable writing and delivery Logan brings to “River of Fools” helps fill in that gap, and further validates suspicions that Logan can master these classic country modes when turned loose on them.

The song was originally released exclusively to Amazon in October of 2019, and Logan has featured it live before. But for many it’s new to them now that it’s available on all platforms. It’s silly for sure, but sets just the right mood in these serious times, once again stoking your interest in this young man who remains one of the more interesting artists to emerge in the last few years.

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