Lost Dog Street Band Announces New Album “Survived”

photo: Starla Groves

Those who were worried that they’d heard the last from the Lost Dog Street Band and their frontman Benjamin Tod, you’ll be happy to learn they’re not done yet. In fact, instead of disbanding like Tod alluded they might do in 2023, the Lost Dog Street Band has expanded its lineup for an upcoming tour starting in April. Along with Benjamin Tod, wife Ashley Mae on fiddle, and Jeff Loops on upright bass, they will also be bringing along Ben Duvall on drums and Tebbs Karney on pedal steel guitar.

That’s not all. The Lost Dog Street Band will have an entirely new album of songs to tour behind this spring called Survived. Arriving on April 26th via Thirty Tigers, the ten songs come from a time of introspection for Tod. “I thought I was done with Lost Dog, but after recording my solo album, I looked over all the songs that I had ready for a new record,” he says. “These were songs for my band. I had to admit to myself that I wasn’t done with Lost Dog.”

Last year ahead of Benjamin Tod releasing his solo album Songs I Swore I’d Never Sing, he signaled that he’d be taking a step away from music and the Lost Dog Street Band specifically, wanting instead to focus more on family and community.

“Benjamin and I, both individually and together, have been through some professionally grinding and demoralizing personal times over the past five years,” Ashley Mae explains. “To take a step back from that over the past year and realize, ‘Wow, we held it down and withstood that, and we survived that,’ was a really good, bright, shining moment. It was the high point during a demoralizing time.”

Both Benjamin and Ashley star in the video for their new song called “Brighter Shade,” which is inspired by the couple’s relationship (see below).

Raised in Cottonwood, Tennessee, Benjamin Tod met Ashley Mae in Muhlenberg County when they were both still teenagers, playing music in a band called Barefoot Surrender, and eventually forming the Lost Dog Street Band in 2010, coined after the couple’s beloved labrador Daisy. This decidedly underground band eventually grew to national and international prestige in part by Benjamin Tod’s appearances on GemsOn VHS, with his song “Using Again” now receiving over 13 million views.

“This record means everything. It just feels like salvation,” Tod says.

Survived is now available for pre-save/pre-order.


1. Brighter Shade
2. Lifetime of Work
3. Divine To Be
4. Last Train
5. Muhlenberg County Line
6. Son of Tennessee
7. Lonely Old Soul
8. Hubbardville Store
9. If You Leave Me Now
10. Survived

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