Lucky Tubb Announces New Albums & Tours

Lucky TubbDuring his appearance last night on Outlaw Radio, Lucky Tubb announced plans for new albums, and new tours including opening for Hank III on a yet-to-be-announced March tour, and then his own tour of Europe this summer.

The new album will be called Hillbilly Fever and will include 13 tracks, including what Lucky calls “Tubb Treasures”: older songs from the Tubb legacy. One possible song is called “Tired of What You Do to Me” and another is called “Sure Look Lonesome.” He also talked about a Waylon Jennings-inspired song “Ramblin” and a song written by his squeeze and fiddle player Natalie Page Monson. Lucky also hinted about some “special guests” that might make an appearance on the album. He will be recording it this January, hoping to have it ready for sale before the Hank III tour, or at least before the European tour.

There’s also plans to release a bootleg album of recordings from his first tour with Hank III this summer that would be sold at upcoming Lucky shows. The bootleg would include duets with Hank III on songs like “Damn the Luck” and “Family Tradition,” some Wayne Hancock songs, and Lucky and Natalie’s duet of “Jackson.”

Lucky also talked extensively about the Tubb Family music writing history, and his friendship with Hank III.

“Shelton told me when I left the tour back in July, one of the things he said to me is that his fans will be loyal, and he’s never been wrong. The Hank III Army’s alive and well and we’re proud to be a part of it.”

There is a lot more great information from the interview, and you can listen or download it in its entirety at Outlaw Radio is broadcast LIVE every Tuesday night at 9 PM central on

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