Lucky Tubb & Don Maddox Share Stage for Halloween

From all the music festivals I attended this summer, from South by Southwest this Spring, to all the other musical events intermixed throughout the year, few rival the magic that transpired Halloween night when Lucky Tubb and the Modern Day Troubadours pulled their tour van up to Johnny B’s in Medford OR all the way from Austin, to share a night of music with the legendary Don Maddox of the Maddox Brothers & Rose, complimented by a slew of local bands.

The Maddox Brothers & Rose toured with Lucky’s great uncle Ernest many times back in the 50’s, and Don and Lucky sharing the stage in an intimate setting felt like a musical story coming full circle. Don Maddox first slayed the crowd with his own band, and then was invited on stage by Lucky where he lead the Modern Day Troubadors in one of his own numbers, and then played lead fiddle while Lucky sang his great uncle’s signature song, “Thanks A Lot”.

Having followed Lucky Tubb for a few years now, I have been forthright that a Lucky show can sometimes be a roll of the dice. But what there’s no denying is when the man is on, he’s on, and Lucky was on Halloween night. The Modern Day Troubadours, which didn’t have a familiar face amongst them, were nonetheless tight and superlative, and included new upright bass player and background vocalist Josef Pelletier, snare drummer Marty “The Hammer” Carpenter sitting in, and lead guitarist Zach Sweeny who Lucky shares with Wayne “The Train” Hancock. Zach gives the legendary guitar players who’ve filled that position like James Hunnicutt and Eddie Biebel a run for their money. Check out Zach’s chill-inducing work on “Officer Garero” below.

I have a full interview with Lucky Tubb coming up, but I will let the pictures and video tell the rest of the story.

Two guns up!

Lucky Tubb and Don Maddox discussing Ernest before the show (b&w by request)
Lucky saying “Thanks A Lot” to Don Maddox for sitting in
Guitarist Zach Sweeny that Lucky Tubb shares with Wayne “The Train” Hancock
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