Luke Bryan Falls Off Stage in Charlotte, North Carolina

luke-bryan-001Yeah, so let’s all point and laugh at Luke Bryan like we’ve all never bit it before. Maybe it was karma that the “country” star was performing Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ hit rap song, “Can’t Hold Us” at the time. Or maybe, just maybe, Luke Bryan is a human, and bleeds like the rest of us.

The hottest commodity in country music right now was performing at the PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, NC on Thursday night (5-29) when he took a step too many towards the edge of the stage and tumbled down a good five to six feet into the pit between crowd barrier and the stage. The fall resulted in an injury that Bryan elucidated to his fans later on Twitter resulted in “a few stitches” on his leg. “My socks scream liberty. Go USA,” Bryan said, referring to the blood-soaked nature of his post-concert toe cushions.

After taking a moment to catch his breath after the fall, Luke Bryan resumed regular programming, but not after referring to another North Carolina stage fall he suffered in Greensboro, North Carolina on February 17th during the middle of a blistering rock guitar solo. “So check this out. Check this out. The last time I was in North Carolina, I busted my ass on stage. What is it about North Carolina that makes me bust my ass?” 

Can’t speak for the February fall, but Thursday’s might have been caused by the gobs of ice that were littering the front of the stage for some reason, which can be seen being swept into the pit by stage hands as Luke Bryan recovers. So maybe Luke isn’t just a clutz, or the genre gods are trying to send Luke Bryan a message. Maybe we should send Scooby Doo to investigate, or maybe we should move on to something of more importance.

Now, yuck it up with the videos of the North Carolina falls below.

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NOTE: The original video that was circulating has been taken down. You can see the fall in THIS VIDEO that is not embeddable, or watch the TMZ coverage below. Also it can be seen clearer in the 2nd video that there was ice and drinks all over the front of the stage which likely led to the fall.

Earlier North Carolina Fall:

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