Luke Bryan Wins 9 ACA’s By Winning “Best Female” Awards

Last night the 2012 American Country Awards transpired on Fox, with Luke Bryan coming out as the big winner. The Georgia native walked away with an unprecedented 9 awards. How did the country singer rack up so many trophies? By giving a new meaning to the term “crossover appeal,” taking awards in both male and female categories, including the coveted Female Artist of the Year, and Female Single of the Year for the song, “I Don’t Want This Night To End.”

The ACA’s are unique in the country world by being completely fan voted. As ACA spokesperson Pat Frankenfurter explains, crowning Luke Bryan for female awards was the will of the people. “The ACA Awards took a gender neutral stance when it came to Luke Bryan. We gave the fans the opportunity to vote for Luke in whatever gender category they wished. We let the people decide, and it appears they decided Luke is just as good of a female artist as he is a male one, if not better.”

The ACA’s wanted to avoid the same controversy that tainted the 2012 CMT Awards this summer when Luke Bryan was disqualified from his “Best Male Video” win when it was discovered he had a vagina. “We wanted to respect Luke’s privacy when it comes to gender,” says Pat Frankenfurter.

But of course Luke Bryan’s big wins are not sitting well with some fans of country’s other female artists who were shut out on the night. “Oh my God, Luke Bryan totally needs to make up his mind if he’s a dude or a chick, like right now,” spouted disgruntled Miranda Lambert fan Naomi Morrison from Houston, Texas. “I mean seriously dude, just check. Is it an innie or an outie? Meanwhile my Miranda got totally shut out. It’s pretty much stupid if you ask me.”

Pat Frankenfurter said the ACA Awards aren’t too worried about the backlash from Luke Bryan’s wins, “Because let’s face it, we’re not a real awards show anyway.”

Luke Bryan released the following photos that he says are validation that he deserves both his “Best Male” and “Best Female” awards.






Luke’s gynecologist could not be reached for comment.