Marty Stuart May Have New TV Show On The Way

photo: Alysse Gafkjen

Time and distance have only made the heart grow fonder for the work Marty Stuart did on the RFD-TV-based music presentation The Marty Stuart Show between 2008 and 2014. Some 156 original shows aired from the series which featured Stuart and his backing band The Fabulous Superlatives and Eddie Stubbs as announcer, along with many special guests over the years, including country legends that would go on to pass away, marking The Marty Stuart Show as one of their final appearances.

“The mission statement there was to put our arms around the culture of traditional country music inside the walls of Nashville before it completely disappeared off the edge of planet Earth. And we accomplished that,Stuart said in 2017. But since the airing of the final episode, folks have been wondering if there would ever be any more, especially with the cult status the show enjoys still to this day in reruns. But in 2017, Marty let everyone know definitively he was moving on from the program.

At the end of the 156 episodes and six or seven seasons, you know what? Mission accomplished. Let’s move onThat particular show is in the books now. It’s in history books.”

But Marty Stuart also left the door open for a return to television, saying, “I love TV, and I think there’s another television show in development, probably for another network. But we are absolutely going to go back to the TV cameras in the next couple years, I think.”

“Absolutely going back” is a pretty strong statement, and we may have just received our first indication that a new TV show is in the works. According to the newspaper in Marty Stuart’s hometown of Philadelphia, Mississippi The Neshoba Democrat, he was in town earlier this month (March 5th) shooting for “his new TV show.” Though there’s no other details about what the show may be called, the nature of it, if it’s just a one-off thing at the moment or part of a bigger series like The Marty Stuart Show, the news is promising.

Filming reportedly went down at the Ellis Theatre, which is part of the Congress of Country Music Marty Stuart is currently developing in the heart of Philadelphia with plans to eventually open a 50,000 sq. ft. complex to house his some 20,000 country music artifacts, as well as classrooms and performances spaces. The Ellis Theatre built in 1926 is a centerpiece of the project. Phase 1 of Marty’s plan is to open the renovated theater for performances. In October of 2020, renovations were said to be underway.

Saving Country Music reached out to the Marty Stuart camp for more information, but lips are tight about the project at the moment. Stay tuned.

Marty Stuart announced this week he has a new 20-song project on the way called Songs I Sing in the Dark.

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