Matt Woods Debuts New Video for “Ain’t No Living”


The open heart of any earnest music fan comes from their willingness to see where a song takes them, and in 2013, few songs took listeners to somewhere as memorable as Matt Wood’s “Deadman’s Blues.” What then took the song to the next level of becoming legendary was the heartbreaking video for the song. The entire “Deadman’s Blues” experience has since become one of the anchors of Matt’s music career, and an offering that still remains hard to top.

Fans have waited since October of 2013 from a new Matt Woods video he’s been teasing for a while, and today he premiers the visual accompaniment to “Ain’t No Living”—the opening track from his critically-acclaimed album With Love From Brushy Mountain released in 2014. It’s being released in conjunction with Woods embarking with Southern rock band Fifth on the Floor as the opener on their farewell tour that will see them travel from Alabama up into the Northeast.

Similar to “Deadman’s Blues,” Matt’s “Ain’t No Living” has an autobiographical feel, but in the new video, it is a different character who takes the fall. Woods is fearless in crafting songs that dredge up the things most of us work very hard to suppress, but find a deep sense of relief and appreciation when they’re coaxed out of us through song and story. In the current upsurging crop of critical songwriters, Matt Woods is one that holds incredible promise.

Video is directed by Chris Metts for Goldstream Productions. Alex Luchun plays the clown.

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