Michael Jackson Montgomery Releases “Perfect Pop Country Song”

We first learned about pop country’s Michael Jackson Montgomery over 1 1/2 years ago, when the pop country “mega-franchise” project he was a part of for a major Nashville record label pulled the plug on his manufactured music career. Since then Montgomery, aka “The Bleeding Cowboy” has been leaking demos of some of the songs meant for his album to Saving Country Music and explaining the stories behind them.

Well now apparently after much wrangling by lawyers behind-the-scenes, Michael Jackson Montgomery is ready to begin releasing the full studio versions of his songs ahead of an album release possibly some time this Fall/Winter, and he is starting today by releasing what he is calling “The perfect pop country song” called “Ice Cold Beer In A Pickup Truck”.

“I’m serious Trig, it is perfect, and I ain’t saying that to pat myself on the back.” And according to the press release for “Ice Cold Beer In A Pickup Truck”, he’s not lying:

“Ice Cold Beer In A Pickup Truck” was written by a team of Nashville’s top songwriters in conjunction with scientists that are studying how certain sounds effect dopamine and other chemical responses in the brain, and statisticians who study trends and figure out the best song patterns and the right time to release a song. After years of work, they came up with “Ice Cold Beer In A Pickup Truck” and decided that it should be released right now, today, August 21st, 2012.

“Even the flaws in the song were put there on purpose to make it sound dirty and authentic,” explains Michael Jackson Montgomery. “Eat your heart out Steve Goodman!”

So without further ado, here is the worldwide release of Michael Jackson Montgomery’s smash single “Ice Cold Beer In A Pickup Truck”.


Ice Cold Beer In A Pickup Truck = 28 times.

The single is available at michaeljacksonmontgomery.com, on Amazon, and wherever digital music is sold online.