Milsap / Bleve Strike Back – Part 2

Ronnie MilsapTo read about the conflict between Ronnie Milsap and Capitol Records Nashville, click here, and to read about Milsap’s first protest click here.

I know some of you might be tired of this story, and others might think that the Milsap/Adkins song is not worth defending. But this might be the most important story I have ever covered in the fight to save country music. Of all the past sins of Nashville and its big money institutions, never have they stooped so low to take legal action against charitable contributions.

This issue has exposed many people to the hidden ills of Nashville; people like firefighters, police officers, and even pop country fans. You can read some of their thoughts in comments to my previous stories on this subject.

Ronnie Milsap and Bleve Records have not backed down one inch. A week after staging a protest with firefighters, Ronnie buzzed the headquarters of Capitol Records Nashville in a vintage Barney Fife-esque police car while throngs of protesters stood on the curb in support. Check it out:

Local news stations covered the protest as well, and you can click here to see one.

Capitol Records Nashville has still yet to comment publicly, and so has Trace Adkins. As time goes on, Trace’s “no comment” begins to become almost as conspicuous as Capitol’s. However take in mind, Adkins might have signed away his First Amendment privileges when he signed with Capitol.

Mark my words: this might be the incident that history marks as the moment a Nashville institution went too far.

To read my letter to Capitol Records Nashville, CLICK HERE.

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