Miranda Lambert Calls New “Locomotive” Song “Country Punk Rock”

Miranda Lambert has new music on the way in both album and single form, and during her marquee performance at Nissan Stadium Saturday night (6-8) as part of CMA Fest in Nashville, she debuted a new song for the crowd called “Locomotive.”

“I’m just finishing up a record,” Miranda told fans that gathered for a MuttNation event earlier in the week. “I’ve always used my music for a reflection of where I am in life. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s bad, ugly, who knows. But I kind of just own it at the moment. So this is kind of a record that I needed to make for me. It’s fun, it’s really fun. It’s not all love songs, don’t worry. There’s a few. But it’s got a rock n’ roll edge from spending time in New York City. It’s got this city energy vibe to it. It’s fun and exciting.”

Then at a press conference before her performance Saturday night, Miranda divulged that her new song would be called “Locomotive,” saying about the song, “I chose it for CMA Fest because it’s total country punk-rock. It’s just fun. It really is a reflection of who I am right now. You’ll know when you hear it.”

Miranda took the stage Saturday night in a black dress, and launched into “Locomotive” during her set, which certainly was a high energy affair. “Girl, I’m like a locomotive, and I don’t run out of steam…” the songs stars off, with a rapid fire chorus coming at you with, “Cause I’m sweet tea sippin’ on my front porch sittin’ while my hubby fries chicken, and I’m picking these strings…”

The second verse of “Locomotive” starts off, “I ain’t no grand piano. I play a little out of tune. I spent all of my glory days in a honky tonk saloon.” This leads into an extended rock guitar solo and eventually into a half-time beat for the last portion of the song with plenty off ooh ooh’s. Beyond grainy phone footage, it’s a little hard to get the full feel of the song, but it’s certainly a different vibe that the Americana approach of Miranda’s last record The Weight of These Wings, and fits more with her kick ass and burn things motif of earlier in her career.

“Locomotive” also fits with what Miranda Lambert said about her new music back in April when she assured, “I feel like I’m taking some risks and not being afraid. I’m going into fearless mode musically and heart wise. I feel like they go hand-in-hand. I’m jumping out there and taking risks, and I feel good about it. I’m going in and we’re making it, and we’re putting it out as fast as we can … I’m happy and I’m healthy, and I’m ready to kick ass again.” 

No word just yet on if or when “Locomotive” might be released officially as either a streaming option or radio single. Here’s a little taste:

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