More Damn Right, Rebel Proud News & Metal Farm Video

Well shit. For all my long-winded musings about why the LP vinyl version of Damn Right, Rebel Proud will not be released online in my last blog, I got an email alert from Amazon today, telling me of a new Hank III product, and lo and behold, it is the LP. In other words, you can now order the record off of Amazon by CLICKING HERE.


1. It says it’s a double LP WITH the CD. It is correct that the LP DOES come with a full version of the CD too, but I believe it is only going to be one record.

2. A lot of people have asked me about the ‘AMENDED VERSION.’ DO NOT BUY IT !!!! This is the version with all the cussin’ taken out so they can sell it at Wal-Mart.

New Keith Neltner Video !

To commemorate the release of the first Metal Farm Magazine , Hank III’s cover and poster artist Keith Neltner has released a KICK ASS video:

Metal Farm Debut from Keith Neltner on Vimeo.

That song is from Those Poor Bastards

Metal farms first magazine is devoted to the Reinstate Hank Williams campaign. Their release party is next Monday in Cincinnati, so if you’re from that area, check out their website for details.

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