More Imposters/ Vinyl/ Podcasts/Boobs/Olympics/ Whatever

Wasn’t planning to post a blog today but there’s a bunch of random shit to talk about, so here we go.

First off sorry to everyone who tried to leave comments or kudos on my blog yesterday and got an error message. Stupid MySpace.

Another Hank III Impostor

If you go here you can see there’s yet another Hank III impostor. I don’t know if these dudes get off on this or what, but man does it bring my piss to a boil. He even put “me” under a picture of Hank III. Is this dude sick? Shit just be yourself. Again to report these bastards you go all the way down to the bottom of the page and click “report abuse.”

The problem is that MySpace will probably not take it down unless Hank III contacts MySpace himself, and then he’s got to take a picture of himself holding a photo ID or some bullshit, it’s this huge process. The way we got the last site taken down was through copyright infringement, because they had Shelton’s music on it illegally.

But still, it can’t hurt to report his ass, and maybe the sheer volume will make MySpace see the light.

Damn Right, Rebel Proud to be Released on Vinyl !!!

Yep, if you want to kick it old school, there will be a number of DRRP albums pressed in vinyl, and it will also include with it the CD. For more info on this you can read the release on HANK where you can also get all Hank III OFFICIAL news.

I don’t think this will be something you can order online, but I’m not sure. You might have to go to your local record store and convince Pimples the Wonder Boy how to figure out how to special order it for you. But I think it’s kick ass they’re doing this and I’m definitely getting a copy.

Podcasts Podcasts !!!

Tim Pop Live has just release his 100th show, and there is a rumor that the head hellbilly of MIGHT make an audio appearance. So you should check that out, and you should also check out his last show which was an all country show if you haven’t yet.

It Burns When I Pee has just released their latest podcast featuring the women of underground country. It’s got an interview with the lovely Rachel Brooke, and great music so you should check it out. If you want a preview of the show, or to learn more about some of the female artists it features, you can check out my Ode to the Hellbetties blog.

I’ll be listening to these podcasts and might have some reviews up for you later.

Also, I always mention the podcasters, but we also can’t forget the traditional radio people who support Hank III like Revolution FM down in Texas and Big ‘G’s Roadshow.

Boobs & the Olympics

Let me just say that I like boobs. Big boobs, small boobs, real boobs, fake boobs. I’m a fan of ’em all.

I just wanted to say that clear up some misunderstandings that might’ve arisen from my Ode to the Hellbetties blog. If you thought that I was implying that I do not like boobs, and thus, may not be as much of a man as you thought I was before, that was not what I was trying to say. Nor was I targeting fake boobs as being bad.

I simply was trying to make the point that pop country today is all pretty faces and no substance. It used to be that if country singers were easy on the eyes, that was a bonus. But now if you aren’t hot by the bland standards of Nashville, then you can’t make it in country music.

And pop country singers don’t write their own songs any more. That’s what the “ugly” people do behind the scenes, while the “pretty” people get all the fame and money lip sincing what others write.

Sound familiar?

Click here for the story.

This is what’s happening in music all over the world, and it must be stopped.

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