Mr. Show’s Bob Odenkirk & David Cross Make Perfect “Checklist” Country Parody



Ha! I love it.

Before culture writer Jody Rosen famously coined the term “Bro-Country” and it became the common parlance to describe terrible pop country doing nothing more than listing off country-isms like beer, trucks, backroads, tailgates, biscuits, barbecue, etc. etc., the music was regularly called “laundry list” or “checklist” country. The idea was that on the desk of these terrible songwriters was a checklist of things each song must include to be a hit. Even songwriters and other folks on Music Row began to use the terms “laundry list” or “checklist” (and sometimes “grocery list”) to describe the music.

Anyway Bob Odenkirk and David Cross—previously-known as the comedy duo who starred in the HBO series Mr. Show that ran from 1995 to 1998—have now revitalized their comedy stylings on Netflix in a new series called With Bob and David. And in one of the new episodes, they’ve put the terrible “checklist” culture of modern country right in their crosshairs.

Dubbing themselves the country duo “Banes and Dunfrey,” they’ve released a song and video called “All I Need.” Though it starts off appearing to be yet another stereotypical parody of pop country, which have become so pervasive these days, they’re just as bad as the checklist songs themselves. But then it delves right into the heart of the “checklist” phenomenon in quite an amusing manner.

Also, at the beginning and end of the video, it says the song is from the album, “Send To: Banes and Dunfrey, 1362 Bishop Street, Nashville, TN 37206.” That’s not an actual address to anywhere, but my guess is there’s a fun riddle to solve there too.

I enjoyed this.

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