Music Feuds Aside, Good on Blake for Squaring Off with Westboro

blake-sheltonLook, I like Blake Shelton like I like a trip to the proctologist. He’s got to be the leading contender for the biggest tool in corporate country music right now. He torqued me and many others off earlier this year when he characterized classic country fans as “Old Farts and Jacksasses,” and his country rap abominations are the scourge of the genre.

But qualifying points aside, in the end it is just music, and like the Wylie Coyote and the sheepdog in the old Looney Tunes cartoon punching the clock at the end of the day and putting aside their differences, sometimes you need to see the bigger picture. These Westboro Baptist Church turds beat all, and so good on Blake Shelton for taking the game to them and telling them what for.

Westboro has been targeting the singer and reality show judge through Twitter, calling him a “vulgar adulterer” for divorcing his first wife Kaynette Williams and marrying fellow country star Miranda Lambert. They also blamed him for gay marriage becoming legal in several states, and announced their intent to picket his upcoming concert in Kansas City on October 3rd.

So in typical BS fashion, Blake twisted off on them via Twitter, saying, “Hey WBC.. I’ve got one more sin for ya… Blow me. This isn’t about God. This is about using this opportunity to to make y’all look like the absolute complete dipshits you are.”

Blake is in a growing line of stars that are turning the tables on Westboro as opposed to standing and taking their abuse. A couple of weeks ago Vince Gill accosted Westboro Baptist protesters outside of his show in Kansas City, and pop star Ke$ha had her line dancers deliver a dancing beat down of Westboro protesters in August.

War makes strange bed fellows, and aside from being dipshits, Westboro has been making it worse lately by becoming some strange, sadistic version of celebrity crotch sniffers. As if Blake Shelton’s, or any other celebrity’s sins equate any more than the rest of ours.

Screw these recidivists and their worn out bit. I’m on Team Blake with this one.

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