Music From Season 4 of “The Ranch” on Netflix

Netflix released the latest season of its comedy drama The Ranch on December 15th, and just like the first three seasons, country music plays a big role in both the dialog and the soundtrack. The series stars Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Debra Winger, and Sam Elliott. Set in Garrison, Colorado, the story is about a washed up football player (Ashton Kutcher) who returns home to find his father (Sam Elliot) struggling to keep the family ranch going. The 30-minute comedy is filmed in front of a studio audience, and feels very much like a network TV sitcom, except there’s no commercials, and the dialogue will find the occasional swear word.

In Season 4, all of the episodes are named after the songs of Garth Brooks (or songs he’s covered). The music of Patsy Cline, Ricky Nelson, Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, Don Gibson, Brenda Lee, and more make the soundtrack, as do songs from newer artists such as Sam Outlaw, The Cactus Blossoms, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell, Amanda Shires, Sara Watkins, Blitzen Trapper, Mandolin Orange, and others. Mainstream artists featured include Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, and Brothers Osborne, and Thomas Rhett makes an appearance on the second episode.

The Ranch loves to embed music in scenes under the dialog, sometimes making it hard to pick out, and Shazaming it virtually impossible unless it’s an ending scene. Saving Country Music has done what it can to identify as many songs as possible, and please feel free to pipe up with any suggestions or hints for the songs and scenes still not identified. Apparently the creators of The Ranch want to make discovering the songs part of the fun of the series, because they keep their soundtrack close to the vest.

It does appear there will be a Season 5, but it may not feature much of Danny Masterson’s character “Rooster.” Masterson is facing sexual assault claims that have meant his parting way with the show. Netflix says his departure will play into the narrative of the next season. This current season was shot before the allegations came to light.

Happy song hunting.

Episode 1 – Learning to Live Again

  • “Naked” – The Bodeans – (Colt and Dale in the barn)
  • “Life’s Railway to Heaven” – Patsy Cline (Beau and Brenda in the house)
  • “While I Was Away” – Pat Green – (Colt visits Mr. Peterson)
  • “Rose in Tennessee” – Jeff Hahn (Rooster, Beau and Colt in bar)
  • “Garden Party” – Ricky Nelson (Beau and Brenda in the salon)
  • “The Oil Baron’s Wife” Jeff Hahn – (Colt and Abbey at Abbey’s house)
  • “Things I’ve Learned” – Hadley Park (ending credits)

Episode 2 – Wrapped Up in You

  • “Ranch Hand’s Blues” – The Bodeans – (Nikki gets a job from Rooster at the bar)
  • “Cornbread and Butter” – Aaron Benwad (Colt and Abby discuss going to the Thomas Rhett concert at the bar)
  • “Beautiful You” – The Waifs – (Beau and Brenda talk at the salon)
  • “Redneck Girl” – The Bellamy Brothers – (Rooster and Beau talking at the bar)
  • “American Spirit” – Thomas Rhett (When Colt and Abbey are backstage)
  • “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” – Ed Bruce  (Beau and Dale talk on the porch about health)
  • “T-Shirt” Thomas Rhett – (Thomas Rhett performing at the concert)
  • “Still Better Days” – Chris Shifflett – (At the bar, Rooster gets busted for serving alcohol to minor)
  • “Craving You” – Thomas Rhett (at the Thomas Rhett concert)
  • “Die a Happy Man” – Thomas Rhett – (Colt in the concert drunk tank)

Episode 3 – Rodeo and Juliet

  • “Let It Break” – Aaron Benwad – (Rooster and lawyer in bar)
  • “Cowboys in Nashville” – Dan Dyer – (Beau and Mr. Peterson talk)
  • “Maggie’s Bar” – The Bodeans – (Colt and Abbey at Abbey’s house)
  • “Half A Man” – Willie Nelson – (Beau, Rooster, and natural gas lady on the porch)
  • “Oh Sarah” – Sturgill Simpson – (Rooster apologizes)
  • “Three Year Old” – Eric Church – (Beau talks to Mr. Peterson)

Episode 4 – Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)

  • ???? – (Beau, Rooster, and Colt at the bar)
  • “Nobody Wins” – Brenda Lee (Beau runs into ex)
  • “You’re Dreaming” – The Cactus Blossoms –  (Colt and Abbey talk about wedding)
  • ???? – (Colt and Rooster at cabin)
  • “Branded Man” – Merle Haggard – (Colt and Abbey at bar)
  • ???? – (EDM song, party at Rooster’s cabin)
  • “Without A Word” – Sara Watkins – (dinner with Beau at the house)
  • “Cotton Eye Joe” – Rednex – (Colt and Abbey on the porch)
  • “Speed Trap Town” – Jason Isbell – (Ending credits)

Episode 5 – More Than A Memory

  • “21 Summer” – Brothers Osborne – (Opening scene)
  • “It’s Not Love, But It’s Not Bad” – Merle Haggard – (Colt, Beau, and Brenda in the barn)
  • “Coffee ‘Til Midnight” – Alan Jeffries (Beau and Dale in the barn)
  • “Loved” – The Bodeans – (Colt and Abbey talk at house)
  • “I Had a Lovely Time” – The Kendalls – (Rooster and engineer at bar)
  • “Powder Blue” – The Cactus Blossoms (In the rain)
  • “Take Me Home” – The Roosevelts – (Rooster and engineer at bar, again)
  • “Come As You Were” – T. Graham Brown (Beau and Dale at the diner)
  • “Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings” – Don Gibson (Ending credits)

Episode 6 – When You Came Back to Me Again

  • “Next To You” – Aaron Benwad – (Maggie Comes Back)
  • “The Last Time” – The Bodeans – (Colt, Rooster, Maggie at the bar)
  • “I Know What It’s Like” – Amanda Shires (Beau and Brenda at the salon)
  • “Soaked in the Rain” – Farewell Milwaukee – (Colt and Abbey on the porch)
  • “Who Do You Think You Are?” – Sam Outlaw – (Maggie and Rooster at the bar)
  • “Tin Man” – Miranda Lambert – (Brenda, Joanne, and Beau at the house)
  • “Always Wanting You” – Merle Haggard – (Maggie and Beau on the porch)
  • Don Gallardo – “Diamonds & Gold” – (Rooster and Maggie at the bar)
  • “I Just Wanna Be Alone With You” – The Carmonas – (Ending credits)

Episode 7 – Do What You Gotta Do

  • Don Gallardo – “Diamonds & Gold” – (Rooster and Maggie at the bar)
  • “The Last Time” – The Bodeans – (Colt and Abbey talk about moving at the house)
  • “Drifting Dreaming” – The Waifs – (Beau and Maggie talk about pipeline at the house)
  • “Trouble” – Have Gun Will Travel – (Hammer darts)
  • “All My Worry” – Kate York – (Colt and Abbey in the bedroom)
  • “Okie From Muskogee” – Merle Haggard – (Colt and Mr. Peterson)
  • “Wheels” – Steve Moakler – (ending credits)

Episode 8 – Big Money

  • “Jay Leno” – The Bodeans – (Colt, Rooster, and Maggie in the car)
  • “To Get To You” – Jerry Wallace – (Colt, Rooster, and banker in the diner)
  • “Waltz About Whiskey” – Mandolin Orange – (Colt, Rooster, and Abbey at the bar)
  • “From Now On” – Mandolin Orange (Beau chopping wood)
  • “Take It From Me” – Andrew Combs (Rooster and engineer at the cabin)
  • “My Old Man” – Zac Brown Band (Ending credits)

Episode 9 – Ain’t Goin Down (Til’ The Sun Comes Up)”

  • “Stranger in a Strange Land” – Blitzen Trapper (Beau and Colt in the cabin)
  • “The Way It Dimmed” – Amanda Shires – (Maggie and Abbey at the bar)
  • “Is This The Best I’m Gonna Feel” – Don Gibson (Beau, Joanne, and Dale on the porch)
  • “Crop Comes In” – Chatham County Line – (Abbey and Colt in the house)
  • “Never Really Gone” – Calico The Band – (Maggie and Colt talk at the bar)
  • “Beaujolais” – The Bodeans – (Rooster and Mart at the cabin)
  • “A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young” – Eric Church – (Ending)

Episode 10 – If Tomorrow Never Comes

  • “One Last Kiss” – Aaron Benwad – (Outside on the porch before Beau leaves)
  • “If It Makes You” – The Bodeans – (Abbey and Rooster talk at the house)
  • “List of Lovers” – Lola and the Huntsman – (Colt and Abbey talk at the house)
  • “Hello Darlin'” – Conway Twitty – (Maggie and Beau at restaurant)
  • “The Waking Hours” – Halfway – (Colt talks to lawyer at the bar)
  • “The Last Cowboy Song” – Ed Bruce (Colt and Rooster talking at the house)
  • “Down On You Again” – Jeff Hahn – (Colt and Abbey talk)
  • “Have You Ever” – The Avett Brothers – (Colt and Rooster meet with Mr. Peterson)
  • “Til Then” – Elizabeth Cook – (Ending)

Know of a song that appears in an episode but is not on the list? Please let us know in the comments section. Looking for a song? Feel free to ask in the comments section as well.

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