My Plan With This Thing

I want everyone to know that I did not start this shit as a lark, or to try to get pub for myself, or for any other reason. I started it to FREE HANK III and I am serious about this.

Some other reasons I decided to do this was to:

1. Let Hank know that there a people out there that got his back and are supporting him in his fight.

2. Let Curb Records know that we are mad as hell for what they are doing to him.

3. Be yet another networking tool in this hellbilly/old school/outlaw country movement that has been forced underground by the gray-haired rich-assed oligarchy of Nashville, TN.

If this thing continues to grow, and Curb does not relent, than WE (and I mean ‘WE,’ not just me, but all of us) could decide to start a petition or maybe even have a rally at Curb Records and protest in their parking lot.

In just two weeks I’ve gone from adding just a few friends (mostly bands) and posting a few comments in key places, to over 270 friends and counting. The reason I don’t go out spamming people with friend requests is because I want to know that everyone here is serious about this movement, and to try to judge about how many people we’ve got on our side.

That is why it is important that everyone try to help spread the word. I encourage everyone to steal and and all content off my page, including images and whatever, to help spread the word. Put the ID in your ‘Top Friends’ if even for a few days or a few weeks. I just put new links on the right of my home page, so you can easily cut and paste images that have a link back to this site: