New .357 Album – Lightning From the North

The .357 String Band has announced that their new album will be called Lightning from the North, and that it will be released on February 12th, 2010. They made the announcement on last week’s Outlaw Radio Episode 71.

At the very moment that your beady little are eyes are reading these words, .357 is at the home of Hank III’s steel guitar player and our generation’s Tompall Glasser, one Andy Gibson, recording the album.

Rumor has it Bob Wayne might be hanging around helping in the recording process as well, and sporting a new limousine. Appearances will also likely be made by large piles of empty beer cans, bare chests, dancing girls, rubber chickens, plastic bananas, and blow up dolls with smeared lipstick.

At this moment in the calendar, this is my most anticipated album for 2010, as their 2008 offering Fire & Hail was voted my Best Album of 2008. Stay tuned for info on a tour with them w/ Bob Wayne!

And speaking of Outlaw Radio and .357, Outlaw will have Highlonesome on this Tuesday’s episode, which includes Joe Huber, the banjer player for .357. And speaking of crazy hardcore bluegrass bands, It Burns When I Pee has Split Lip Rayfield on their latest edition. And speaking of podcasts, here’s a new one.

–Triggerman out.

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