New Article About Free Hank III !!!


curb – (n.) a barrier, designed to keep good stuff from the masses.

That’s how a new article about Hank III and the Free Hank III movement starts out in this month’s edition of the Hill Country Happenings . Gordon Ames, one of the DJ’s on Revolution Radio is the author. Revolution Radio is a huge supporter of Hank III and other underground/outlaw country artists. I listen to it online when I want to listen to a country music radio station, instead of turning on my local country station trying to shove Toby Keith and Keith Urban down my throat.

To see the article, go to and click “Click Here for the PDF Magazine” and it is on page 11. And of course if you’re from the Texas Hill Country, pick up a copy.

Do me a favor and help spread the word about this, and rumble on over to Gordon Ames’ MySpace site and tell him you appreciate him supporting Free Hank III.

‘Big G’ Gordon is people who knows people in the Outlaw Country/Texas Music scene. Here he is hanging with Unknown Hinson:


I’m trying to get as much press coverage as I can to help spread the word about what they’re doing to Hank III, and hopefully this is one of many articles to come, unless Curb gives up the ghost soon and I can call the dogs off.

Thanks to Gordon, to everyone spreading the word about Hank III, and all the people who helped with the Reinstate Hank rally this weekend.

If you want to see pictures of the rally, check out Cathy’s Myspace site under her picture folders.


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