New Brian Setzer – Songs From Lonely Avenue

Brian SetzerRockabilly perennial Brian Setzer has had a long, strange, unique career. To a passive bystander, it may seem like he has disappeared and reappeared over they years to ride one retro craze or another, though in truth he has been in the drivers seat for most of the “crazes” that have afforded his music mainstream attention, not merely hopping on the bus. Whether it was with the Stray Cats during the 50’s swingback in the 80’s, or the short but whirlwind swing hype of the late 90’s, Brian Setzer has been at the heart of revitalizing great American music.

But even in between these short lived popular romances, Setzer has been putting out great albums and writing relevant songs. Sure, your local Top 40 station may not have paid any attention to it, but over his long career, Brian Setzer has become a vital contributor to what we all know as American music, tying together rock n’ roll, rockabilly, country, swing, and jazz. Brian Setzer is a terrific and prolific songwriter, an underrated guitar player, and a brilliant bandleader. He can strip down to a three piece band, bear his tattoo sleeves and rock with the best of them, or put on a purple suit and outclass most. Brian Setzer is a chameleon and a crossroads of American music.

Brian Setzer Songs From A Lonely Avenue New Album On October 13th, Setzer will be releasing his newest album, Songs From Lonely Avenue, and the album is now available to pre-order through Amazon, and you can CLICK HERE to preview the whole album!

Below is the first track of the album in its entirety, “Trouble Train.” The song proves that Brian Setzer has only improved as a guitarist over the years, and has lost nothing in his songwriting and arrangement. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to this release.

Click here to see Brian Setzer jamming with Wayne “The Train” Hancock.

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